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Robert J. Fluegel, PT, COMT
MAPS Faculty, Fellow in Training, MAPS Orthopedic Manual Therapy Fellowship

Chris R. Showalter, PT, OCS, COMT, FAAOMPT, Fellowship Program Director

Mobilization combined with Stabilization is SUPERIOR compared to Stabilization alone in Non-Specific Mechanical Neck Pain (NSMNP)

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MT-2: Essential Spinal Seminar

MT-2 Course Description (20.7 Direct Contact Hours/3.2 CEUs)
May be taken as first course in the series. Introduction to the Maitland-Australian concept of assessment and treatment for the Spine. Emphasis is on the Cervical, Thoracic (including rib articulations) and Lumbar spine. Neurodynamic assessments are introduced. Principles of assessment/treatment are addressed in supervised lab sessions with live patient demonstrations. Management of pain-dominant (pathophysiological) and stiffness-dominant (pathomechanical) disorders are taught extensively. Techniques of assessment and treatment include physiological and accessory movements, which are directed very specifically to individual spinal segments. Includes required Home Study course component of approximately 11.7 hours.

MT-2 Course Schedule*
Day 1: 12:30pm-8:00pm
Day 2: 8:00am-6:00pm
Day 3: 8:00am-2:00pm

Times subject to change.*

MT-2 Course Requirements
  • Open to PTs, MDs, DOs. Enrollment limited. Lab clothes required for all sessions
  • Post test requires competency of 70% and overall competency of 70%. 
  • Full CEUs require 100% direct contact attendance and completion of all Home Study assignments.

MT-2 Course Objectives
Course participants upon completion will be able to:
  • Accurately differentiate between normal and abnormal resistance to passive spinal movement using accessory & physiological examination/treatment techniques. Demonstrate at least one example.
  • Integrate the course materials to select, properly apply, and defend selection of four different grades of passive movement to spinal regions. Demonstrate at least one example.  
  • Understand, discuss and explain Maitland’s clinical reasoning model, including eight clinical hypothesis categories per M. Jones and D. Rivett, and correctly demonstrate integration of these concepts into an evidence-based clinical reasoning model.  
  • Synthesize and correctly apply and defend principles of treating pain and stiffness as per Maitland and other manual P.T.s. Demonstrate at least one example.
  • Formulate, select and defend the most effective treatment & examination techniques for the peripheral patient based upon clinical assessment and clinical reasoning, rather than theoretical protocols. Learner will be able to demonstrate at least once.
  • Develop and refine skills in differential assessment and diagnosis. Demonstrate at least one example.
  • Develop, refine and accurately demonstrate the ability to quickly and effectively treat orthopedic conditions using at least one known manual therapy technique. Demonstrate at least one example.
  • Develop, refine, demonstrate and accurately defend at least one modified or newly created effective manual therapy technique for the treatment of orthopedic conditions. Demonstrate at least one example.

Course is $650
MAPS Refund/Cancellation Policy

Course Testimonials

"Instructor was excellent, very knowledgeable, good demonstration and explanation of techniques and assessment.... Highly recommend this class not only to those interested in manual therapy, but to all clinicians."
David Battiste Pittsburgh, PA September 2013

"The Maitland approach is much more intuitive than any other Manual course/approach I have tried. It focuses on a very organized approach to evaluation process and also supports clear organized clinical reasoning that is well supported by the literature. "
Maureen Gibeault Colchester, VT November 2013

"[The thing I liked most about the seminar was] learning new techniques that I can immediately implement into practice. Also, the assessment process/clinical reasoning and live patients... I have taken several spine courses and this was by far the best and will change the way I treat patients. "
K. Redfern Atlanta, GA January 2014

"[Course] was great! This course, including other MAPS courses, are very useful to new and old clinician for their evaluation or treatment methods."
Steven Spinks Raleigh, NC February 2014

"Fantastic instructor that presented a lot of clinically applicable material in a logical engaging fashion... The best class I have ever taken! "
Michelle C. Bauer San Francisco, CA February 2014


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