Maitland-Australian Physiotherapy Seminars (MAPS)

Welcome to OZPT.com, the home of MAPS, the largest U.S. provider of Evidence-Based Continuing Education courses for rehabilitation clinicians in Maitland-based orthopedic manual therapy.

Since 1985 we have provided clinical education courses for the following professionals:

Physical Therapists, Physical Therapy Assistants, Physicians, Chiropractors, Athletic Trainers, and Occupational Therapists

Why Choose MAPS?

Why have over 49,000 Rehabilitation Professionals chosen MAPS as their preferred Continuing Education provider?

What makes the MAPS curriculum so special?

A Hands-On, Evidence-based, Clinical Reasoning approach developed by Geoff Maitland and other world-renowned Manual Physiotherapists including: D. Butler, C. Cook, J. Cyriax, M. Jones, D. Rivett, and C. Showalter among others.


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