Maitland-Australian Physiotherapy Seminars Mission

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MAPS’s mission is to provide a comprehensive continuum of hands-on continuing education courses to train participants in the Maitland-Australian approach, through lecture and laboratory sessions with directly supervised Instructor feedback on clinical reasoning and psychomotor technique performance. The curriculum focuses on Orthopedic Manual Therapy and the Maitland-Australian approach, with the goal of training participants in manual therapy clinical skills, based upon the principles of assessment and treatment first described by Geoffrey D. Maitland, and further developed by numerous other world-renowned Manual Physiotherapists*. Maitland’s underlying principle of empathetically understanding the effect disorders have upon the patient is a key component of the MAPS philosophy.

The MAPS approach to Manual Therapy begins with a rigorous clinical patient assessment. The treatment plan developed from this assessment uses a structured approach to clinical reasoning, and incorporates any available relevant research-based evidence. As such, the MAPS approach incorporates all three equally-weighted components of Evidence-Based Practice, as defined by David Sackett, including:

1) the best available research-based evidence
2) clinical expertise, and
3) patient values

MAPS educates/trains Physical Therapists and other medical professionals to become more effective and efficient clinicians through the development of clinical reasoning, psychomotor skills, and continuous reassessment processes.

*Manual Physiotherapists include: J. Cyriax, M. Jones, D. Rivett, C. Cook, D. Butler and C. Showalter among others.