COMT Overview

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What is COMT Certification?

MAPS courses are organized in a series to maximize learning and prepare eligible participants for the Certification in Orthopedic Manual Therapy Examinations. All six core courses; MT-1, MT-2, MT-3, MT-4, MT-FMC (or MT-ST), and MT-O (or MT-O Competency Exam) must be completed prior to sitting the COMT Certification Examinations. Those candidates who pass these rigorous exams may adopt the professional designation of Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist (COMT), indicative of an intermediate level of competency in manual therapy. COMTs have the option of being included in MAPS’ national directory of skilled Manual Therapists posted on the MAPS website.

COMT Exam Description: A rigorous examination process that tests the candidate’s knowledge of the competencies learned in the Core MAPS Curriculum Prerequisites. Multiple exam components: written short-answer, multiple-choice, video-patient exam, and an OSCE-oral/practical (a hands-on exam of manual skills). The exams test the candidate’s competency in clinical decision-making, advanced orthopedic clinical practice, accurate techniques of assessment/treatment, effective treatment progression, and safety. Examinations take two days, but scheduling for the written and practical exams vary, and participants must be available for testing all three days, or as directed in their final confirmation letters. No discounts or refunds available for certification exams.

MAPS has Certified 1,027 COMTs as of March 1, 2024.

COMT Prerequisites: Upon application, open to PTs, DCs, MDs, and DOs, who have completed MT-1, MT-2, MT-3, MT-4, MT-O (or MT-O Test-Out), and MT-FMC (or MT-ST).

COMT Re-Certification: To ensure that COMTs maintain a high degree of competency in manual therapy, COMTs are required to satisfy additional continuing education requirements over a 5-year period in order to maintain their MAPS Certification designation.
Details on re-certification can be found under Recertification Requirements.