Certification Process

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Number -1

1) Complete All Six Pre-requisites

  • MT-1: Essential Peripheral
  • MT-2: Essential Spinal
  • MT-3: Intermediate Spinal
  • MT-FMC: Motor Control Strategies to Maximize Rehab & Function or MT-ST: Stabilization Training & Functional Rehabilitation
  • MT-O: Evidence-Based Orthopedic Diagnostic Evaluation
  • MT-4: Differential Assessment & Clinical Reasoning
Number -2

2) Find A COMT Examination Location

  • All scheduled COMT Examination locations and dates can be found on the course schedule on our website (ozpt.com) - choose one!
  • Exams are scheduled over a 3-day period (Friday-Sunday); the candidate must be available all three days for scheduling purposes
Number -3

3) Submit COMT Examination Application

Number -4

4) Prepare for the COMT Examination

  • Review competencies in all six courses and practice handson skills in the clinic for several months.
  • Consider attending an MT-R: MAPS Review Course

    (98% of MT-R Participants pass their COMT Exams vs. 78% for those who do not take MT-R)
Number -5

5) Take the Exam

Multiple examination components (Pass/Fail) comprising:

  • Written MCQ Exam
  • “Live” Video Patient Exam
  • Practical & Skills Exam
  • Written Exam

Emphasis is on clinical decision-making, advanced clinical practice, pathophysiology, clinical case presentations, safety in manual therapy, and general principles of Orthopedic Manual Therapy.

Candidates who achieve a passing grade (70% or better) will become certified at the Intermediate level of Manual Physiotherapy and may adopt the designation of Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist (COMT) as a professional credential.

Number -6

6) Remember To Recertify

To ensure that COMTs maintain a high degree of competency in Manual Therapy, COMTs are required to satisfy additional continuing education requirements over a five year period in order to maintain their MAPS Certification designation. Please review our Recertification Information at ozpt.com for more details.