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MAPS Teaching Faculty

Our faculty are respected leaders in the industry, passionate educators and clinicians with over 834 combined years of clinical experience.

Many have published original research and peer-reviewed articles (513+ to date) in well-respected journals (e.g. “JOSPT”, “Manual Therapy”, etc.), are authors and/or major contributors to 18 physical therapy textbooks, and serve as manuscript reviewers for 25 Journals. Faculty includes: 23 FAAOMPTs, 19 OCSs, 6 Advanced Manipulation degrees, and 18 PhDs/DPTs.

This wealth of diverse knowledge results in research-savvy clinical educators who are passionate about teaching clinical Evidence-Based Practice. That passion ensures that course participants gain valuable expertise in mastering “hands-on” clinical skills, with directly supervised instructor feedback. Their utilization of advanced clinical reasoning, and highly specific interventions, gives course participants a unique opportunity to improve their clinical skills, resulting in significant positive outcomes for patients and clinics alike.