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The approach is based primarily on the assessment and treatment of the patient’s signs/symptoms, respecting the diagnosis, understanding the pathology and using biomechanical knowledge when applicable. Biomechanical theory plays only a small role. The examination and subsequent treatment is intended to gently provoke the patient’s actual symptoms and thus confirm the source and specific tissues potentially at fault. Carefully graded osteokinematic (physiological) and arthrokinematic (accessory) passive mobilization techniques are performed to reproduce the pain of a stiffness disorder (pathomechanical) to restore normal movement and mechanics, OR to reduce/eliminate the patient’s pain dominant disorder (pathophysiological) related to inflammation or other pathophysiological processes.

The MAPS/Maitland Australian approach is scientific, systematic, logical, usually very gentle and epitomizes TRUE Clinical Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM). MAPS expands upon the Maitland-Australian approach by the integration of the THREE equally weighted components of EBM into every course using:

  • The Best Available Research. Supporting research updated continually to ensure course content validity.
  • Clinical Expertise. MAPS courses refine skills in patient assessment, clinical reasoning and clinical decision-making. Our Faculty has over 751 combined years of clinical experience. Our courses emphasize lateral thinking to improve the therapist’s clinical skills through continuous self-assessment.
  • Patient Values. The patient’s needs are considered above all else, and the effects the disorder has upon the patient are the primary concerns in both evaluation and treatment.

MAPS has course sites all over the United States. The exact physical address of each course will be provided to you in your course confirmation letter, which will be emailed to the address you gave us when you registered. All course details, suggested accommodations as well as the course pre-reading materials are sent via email 2-3 weeks prior to course. To inquire about the exact address of the course before registering for any particular course, please contact MAPS at (800) 828-0738. Maps recommends that you do not make any final travel arrangements until you have received a written confirmation letter (via email or postal mail). Maps is not responsible for non-refundable airline/hotel/travel reservations.

 When MAPS “Confirms” a course, it means that the course is no longer at risk of being cancelled. At time of confirmation, course details are emailed (in some cases confirmation letters are mailed via the postal service) to all registered participants who have paid in full.

If MAPS must cancel a course, all registered participants will have three options, namely:

  • To receive a full 100% registration refund via check
  • To transfer to another course (of equal value) free of charge
  • To receive a Letter of Credit (LOC) with a waived re-registration fee. Note: LOCs typically have a $50 re-registration fee and must be used within 12 months of the original course date.

MAPS acquires the necessary prior approvals from the authorized regulatory bodies within EVERY state that a course is being held. If you require the specific approval information in your state, please refer the MAPS CEU Approvals page or call MAPS at (800) 828-0738.

MAPS is an approved provider of PT Continuing Education is most states, but MAPS does not obtain approvals from states in which a course is not physically held. Call MAPS at 800-828-0738 or email MAPS to inquire if we have approval for a particular course within your state, even if the course is not currently on our schedule in your state. If MAPS does not have a prior approval in your state, you can contact your state board or local chapter of the APTA to find out about applying for state approval on your own. MAPS is happy to send you all the documentation you may need to support your application.

Both courses include a detailed Maitland Assessment, Clinical Reasoning and Treatment. However, MT-1: Essential Peripheral is specifically for the Upper and Lower limbs. Upper limb components include: Shoulder (including Strenoclavicular, and Acromioclavicular joints and Scapula), Elbow Complex, Wrist, Hand and Fingers. Lower limb components include: Hip, Knee, Ankle, Foot and Toes. MT-2: Essential Spinal covers the Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar Spine.

MAPS offers discounts year-round on most courses, which can translate into hundreds of dollars in savings on the entire MAPS series. The only exception to this is the MAPS COMT Certification Exams, for which no discounts are available. Discounts may not be applied retroactively.

  1. EARLYBIRD Discount – Save 5%: Enroll 3 months prior to the course start date to save 5%. A completed registration AND payment must be received at least three months prior to the course start date to qualify (i.e. if the course starts on Jan. 3rd the discount expires on Oct. 3rd). Must use promo code EARLYBIRD to receive the discount. May be combined with only one 10% discount.
  2. MULTI-COURSE Discount – Save 10%: Register for two or more courses simultaneously to save 10%. If mailing in a registration form, please have both course listed on one registration form to avoid confusion. Must use promo code MULTI-COURSE to receive the discount. May be combined with only one 5% discount.
  3. FRIEND Discount – Save 10%: Register two or more people at the same time to save 10% each. Please write the other person’s name on thte registration form (or in indicated field online). Both completed registrations need to be received along with payment within 24 hours of each other to be eligible for the 10% discount. Please note you must provide the name of the friend you are registering with AT THE TIME OF REGISTRATION and you must use promo code FRIEND to receive the discount. May be combined with only one 5% discount.
  4. MILITARY Discount – Save 15%: MAPS offers a 15% discount for all active duty military and veterans. You must provide a copy of military ID at time of registration (via email or fax) and use promo code MILITARY when registering. May not be combined with any other discounts.
  5. AAOMPT Discount – Save 10%: MAPS offers a 10% discount for all current AAOMPT members. You must be listed in the AAOMPT Membership Directory and use promo code AAOMPT when registering. May be combined with only one 5% discount.
  6. Email Promotions: MAPS may offer special email promotions in the Research Commentary and course specific emails. Make sure to join our email list to receive these promotions. Registrations must be submitted with the promo code by the date listed on the email in order to receive any discount.
  7. Student Discount – Save 20%: MAPS offers a 20% discount for all students. You must provide a copy of your current student ID at time of registration (via email or fax) and use promo code STUDENT when registering. Discount cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotions. Students cannot take MT-A, MT-M or the COMT.

Of course! You are always welcome to retake a course. MAPS offers participants a 20% discount on any retaken courses. To receive this discount, you must provide us with a copy of your official Certificate of Completion when you register (via email or fax) and use promo code RETAKE when you register.

Please contact the office at 800-828-0738 to request a new certificate. You will need to provide us with your name, mailing address, the course name, course location and course date. There is a $15 charge for electronic copies of replacement certificates.

Please contact MAPS at 800-828-0738 to request a replacement manual. You will need to provide us with a copy of your official Certificate of Completion to prove that you attended the course for which you would like a manual. The fee for replacement manuals are $50 each. All prices above include Priority Mail shipping via the USPS.

Unfortunately, no audits are allowed. All course participants must register and pay for a seat in the course if you wish to attend.

 MAPS accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Corporate and Personal Checks (check must clear into MAPS bank account before the registration is considered paid)

Please refer to the MAPS cancellation policy.

Please refer to the MAPS cancellation policy.

Either MT-1 or MT-2 may be taken as the first course in the series and MT-3, MT-4 and MT-R have prerequisites. MT-FMC and MT-O do not have any pre-requisites, but we recommend those attempting to sit for Certification take the courses in the following sequence:

  • MT-1 Essential Peripheral 
  • MT-2 Essential Spinal 


  • MT-2 Essential Spinal
  • MT-1 Essential Peripheral 


  • MT-3 Intermediate Spinal 
  • MT-FMC: Motor Control Strategies To Maximize Rehabilitation & Function
  • MT-O Evidence-Based Orthopedic Diagnostic Evaluation
  • MT-4 Differential Assessment & Clinical Reasoning
  • MT-R MAPS Review Course (Optional, but HIGHLY recommended prior to COMT Examinations)
  • COMT Certification Examinations

Please note: the following Elective Courses may be taken at any time:

  • MT-M Spinal and Peripheral Manipulation
  • MT-UC Upper Cervical Dysfunction (MT-2 pre-requisite)
  • MT-SIJ Sacroiliac Joint and Pelvis
  • MT-G Geriatric Manual Therapy
  • MAPS Symposium

MT-1 Essential (Basic) Peripheral and MT-2 Essential (Basic) Spinal courses may be taken at any time, as they represent the same essential core principals with concentration on the peripheral and axial skeleton, respectively. Time in between taking MT-1 and MT-2 to practice is not required. As a general rule, MAPS recommends that participants allow approximately 4-6 months between taking MT-2: Essential (Basic) Spinal and MT-3: Intermediate Spinal. A further 4-6 months is recommended between taking MT-3: Intermediate Spinal and MT-4: Differential Assessment & Clinical Reasoning. These 4-6 month timeframes should be spent practicing and perfecting the clinical reasoning and psychomotor skills taught in the prior course to obtain the greatest depth of understanding of the Maitland-Australian Approach in the more advanced courses. However, individual clinicians’ abilities, motivation, skills and patient caseloads vary greatly and some clinicians may be ready to advance in as little as 3 months, while others may need more than 6 months.

Even though you may have practiced Maitland skills elsewhere, MAPS requires that you successfully complete MT-1 and MT-2 before taking the more advanced courses. Our advanced courses move quickly and do not spend much time reviewing concepts learned in the prerequisite courses. Taking the prerequisites will ensure you have the most up-to-date understanding of the Maitland Australian approach, and will enable you to get the most out of the advanced courses as possible.

 MAPS will not hold a seat without payment. MAPS Flex Pay is an option for those registering at least 6 weeks prior to the course date, and requires a non-refundable deposit of 20%. If you decide to cancel your registration at any time after registering you will be subjected to the MAPS cancellation policy.

Includes course registration, all instructional materials, illustrated course manual, and official certificates of completion (CEUs) suitable for framing.

Wear comfortable, loose fitting attire. Lab clothes are required for all course participants for laboratory sessions. Sports Bras, and gym work-out attire is appropriate.

TAs can take MT-1*, MT-2*, MT-FMC, MT-SIJ, and MT-G.
* Participants are advised that in accordance with APTA HOD RC 31-01, the material taught in MAPS courses is not intended to be used outside the scope of the participant’s personal abilities, licensure or relevant regulations. Furthermore, elements of the seminars are considered Physical Therapy only when performed by or under the direction of a licensed Physical therapist. According to FSBPT (2012) five US states prohibit joint mobilization by PTAs: Hawaii, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Dakota and Utah. Course participants are solely responsible for knowledge of their practice act limitations in the state in which they are licensed to practice.

ATs can take MT-1*, MT-2*, MT-FMC, MT-SIJ, and MT-G which are all Pre-approved through Board of Certification for Athletic Trainers.

OTs can take MT-1, however MAPS does not currently pre-approve CEUs for OTs.

Yes, DCs can take all MAPS courses, however MAPS does not pre-approve CEUs for DCs.

Yes, see Q8 for the Student Discount details. 

We recommend registering online at least one week prior to the course date. However, if seats are available, we can accept registrations via telephone for most courses generally 24 hours prior to the course date (excludes MT4 and COMT Exams), subject to availability. If you register for a course less than 3 business days prior to the course date, you must have access to email and a printer or a fax to receive the required course materials.

MAPS prefers to utilize the services of Lab Assistants from our pool of COMTs across the United States. If you feel your specific Maitland training and skill set makes you a potentially useful Lab Assistant, please submit a copy of your current resume, along with a cover letter indicating the specific course and specific location where you would like to assist. You should submit this request to via email to the MAPS office. MAPS will contact you if and when we need an assistant.

MAPS is not currently recruiting Instructors. However, if you feel that you have superb Maitland clinical skills, leadership talents above and beyond your fellow PTs, have a passion for orthopedic manual therapy, and would like to be considered for a MAPS Faculty position, please submit a copy of your current resume, along with a cover letter indicating your qualifications to become an Instructor. Please submit this request to MAPS via email to the MAPS office. MAPS will contact you if we are interested in asking you to train with our Teaching Faculty for a potential Instructor position.