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MAPS Fellowship Testimonials:

July 9th, 2020: “I wanted to thank you both [Chris Showalter and Bryan O’Halloran] for the impact you had on my career. My journey with MAPS started over 10 years ago now, taking me from disinterested new graduate to a practice owner and leader in my field.
What I liked most about the MAPS OMT Fellowship Program was honing my thought process. Specifically, my subjective portion of the exam was not precise enough and this evolved tremendously via my 1:1 training with my fellow advisor. In general, the program helped to assimilate all of my skill sets, which has helped to improve the efficiency of [patient] assessment and efficacy of treatment.” –Robert Price, PT, DPT, COMT

March 18 2020: “As a 20 year veteran in orthopedic manual therapy, I would highly suggest the MAPS OMT fellowship program. The course content is applicable to clinical skills that cause immediate changes in pain perception and increased function in patients. Patients love being shown how quickly their status can change with proper and skilled manual therapy. The teachings emphasize consistency in graded joint mobilizations, lateral thinking, problem solving and a significantly more sound knowledge base. The mentorship component gave me insight into my peers clinics and different ideas both on a business perspective and a clinical leadership perspective. This program is well worth the investment!” – From FIT Karena Wu, PT, DPT, OCS, COMT, FAAOMPT

March 14, 2019“I wanted to let you know how incredibly mentally stimulating the 1:1 mentorship program has been.  I can honestly say I didn’t know how much I didn’t know until doing the mentorship in Tennessee. 
The intense questioning and training weeks made me really dig deep and think about not just why I’m doing what I’m doing, but really made me look into myself to question even what I’ve been taught.
Think deeper and deeper, look way down and think about and pick up on symptoms I had been completely overlooking before.
There are so many things that have been planted in my brain that need to gestate for a while, but this program truly has a gem in Jody [Jody Musick, PT, DPT, OCS, COMT, FAAOMPT]…This mentorship goes so far above and beyond the typical weekend teaching in all the right ways.I know it’s hard on the SFAs to teach even more advanced skills while running a practice and also making sure the FIT is happy and not overwhelmed. I am so grateful for this opportunity…
“-From FIT Travis Stoner, March 14, 2019