MAPS Overview & The Maitland-Australian Approach


The Maitland Approach is considered the cornerstone of modern day Orthopedic Manual Therapy for treatment of both Spinal and Peripheral conditions, and uses primarily the assessment and treatment of the patient’s signs and symptoms to develop an effective treatment plan. This approach is patient-centric, and respects the diagnosis with an understanding of the pathology.

Biomechanical knowledge is used when applicable. MAPS develops the Maitland Approach a step further, providing advanced training to qualified clinicians in the Maitland-Australian Approach, which combines the latest Evidence-Based research in Manual Therapy/Physiotherapy with the Maitland Approach and associated evaluation and treatment techniques. The Maitland-Australian Approach intentionally gently provokes the patient’s actual symptoms using carefully graded osteokinematic (physiological) and arthrokinematic (accessory) passive mobilization. This approach is recognized worldwide as an efficient, safe and gentle way to evaluate and treat the orthopedic patient to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, restore movement, and maximize function.

The Maitland-Australian Approach is highly efficient and effective in the management of neuromusculoskeletal conditions.  Pioneered in the 1950s by the legendary Australian Physiotherapist Geoffrey Maitland, it has continued to evolve over the years with groundbreaking concepts such as Irritability, Neurodynamic, Combined Movements, Stabilization Training, and Advanced Clinical Reasoning with supporting Evidence-Based Medicine research. 


The Maitland Approach requires the development and continual refinement of clinical assessment skills and clinical judgment by utilizing thorough, accurate assessment (both subjective and objective), and the use of eight clinical hypothesis categories, as described by renowned physiotherapists M. Jones and D. Rivett. This dynamic thought process of patient classification through hypothesis formation and modification–commonly known as Clinical Reasoning–results in a more knowledgeable treating clinician. The improvement in clinical expertise and thought processes embedded in the Maitland concept and in the MAPS curriculum puts clinicians on a path of professional growth, personal excellence and, ultimately, vastly improved patient care.


Geoff Maitland’s #1 core principle is, “Sublimation of self and a positive personal commitment to understand what the patient is enduring, and the effects the disorder has upon the patient.” The Maitland Approach has always been, and continues to be, concerned with the patient’s needs above all. Few philosophies of manual therapy can claim the same level of commitment to the patient’s values and well-being, as the Maitland Approach. 


Maitland-Australian Physiotherapy Seminars (MAPS) offers two and three day clinical seminars, presented primarily on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year. The format is 70%+ “hands-on” individual laboratory instruction, with directly supervised instructor feedback, and includes “live” patient demonstrations.  The Maitland-Australian concept of assessment and treatment is presented in a graduated continuum to encourage clinicians to improve their skills in the management of Spinal and Peripheral conditions through accurate and focused patient assessment and subsequent treatment. We train each clinician how to efficiently and effectively treat and continually assess the patient’s condition throughout the management of the patient. MAPS courses range from introductory to advanced, and some courses have prerequisite requirements. For more details, please see Course Descriptions.

  • Effective Course Instruction Method:  All of our courses are taught by Licensed PTs, who are highly respected leaders in their fields. All courses are a minimum of 70% “hands-on” and class size is strictly limited.  Assessment and treatment techniques are clearly demonstrated to participants, who immediately practice the techniques under the watchful eye of the Instructor. The Instructor provides each participant with constructive feedback, including refinements and modifications, to ensure the technique has been properly understood and applied by the participant.  All of the principles, processes and techniques come together and are reinforced when the instructor performs an evaluation of a real patient, with real pathology, live in front of the class (where permitted). This is truly “where the rubber meets the road.”  The clinical utility and real life clinical effectiveness of the Maitland Approach becomes plainly obvious during these patient demonstrations.
  • Highly Qualified Instructors:  Our teaching faculty are respected leaders in the industry, passionate educators and clinicians with over 751 years of combined clinical experience. MAPS distinguished faculty includes 22 FAAOMPTs, 20 OCSs, 6 Advanced Manipulation degrees, and 18 PhDs/DPTs. Many of our instructors have published original research in peer-reviewed journals such as “JOSPT” and “Manual Therapy” among others. Their training and education is truly global, with many receiving their manual therapy training in Australia, Europe, and South Africa, as well as in under the tutelage of MAPS. Many instructors also own or run their own private PT practices, so they are very cognitive of the challenges in the “real world” of patient management. 
  • APTA and Board-Approved Continuing Education Provider:  MAPS is an Approved Provider of Continuing Education in ALL states in which we offer courses. CEU approval applications are generally filed on an ongoing basis in the states in which we offer courses, based upon our course schedule and the individual state requirements. For example, we are an approved sponsor and provider of Continuing Education for PTs and PTAs by the Office of the State Board of Physical Therapy in New York State through October 8, 2021.  MAPS courses consistently meet or exceed the minimum state standards required for authorized continuing education for Physical Therapy professionals. MAPS is also recognized by the Board of Certification as an approved provider of continuing education for Certified Athletic Trainers.
  • Consistent “A+” Ratings From Course Participants.  Our last 45,939 participants gave our seminars an average rating of 5.88 out of 6 or 98%!  We use an 11-question evaluation tool with a rating scale of 1 through 6. The Course Evaluations allow all course participants to evaluate the quality of their educational experience including validity, learning objectives, format, organization, level of difficulty of the content presented, as well as other factors. These evaluations are also used by MAPS to make any modifications in our courses to make them more meaningful to course participants, ensuring the highest quality continuing education experience