MT-1: Essential Peripheral Seminar – REMOTE LIVE Testimonials

therapy techniques that allow me to assess and treat using more clinical reasoning skills versus using exercises that typically "fit" a diagnosis. I also felt it was useful to learn different variations of manual techniques to assist with pain dominant or stiff dominant patients, with options of difference positions or modes of performing based on the patient's presentation.

-Susan Anderson, June 2021
I always enjoy MAPS courses. Relevant techniques are taught and explained.

-Erica Nicole Brown, June 2021
The format of the course was informative and easy to follow. The pre-course requirements enhanced the material presented in the course. Not only did I learn what to do (techniques), but when to do them (concepts).

-Melvin Jones, June 2021
Format was excellent, very useful for clinical setting. Brilliant instructor, very knowledgeable and inclusive.

-Amisha Lamba, June 2021
Instructor was engaging and knowledgeable. Took time to answer everyone's questions thoroughly.

- Eleanor Leslie Gartner, June 2021
Very informative, the supplemental articles and research provided as EBP.

-Janee Mohan, June 2021
The course was both relevant and well organized. It made the information presented, which was substantial, easily digestible. Overall this was a very good course presented by someone who not only is presumably an excellent clinician, but also someone with talent for actually teaching and sharing knowledge, which sadly is missing in most academic institutions these days.

-Travis Riedel, June 2021
Very logical presentation and will be immediately applicable on Monday in the clinic.

-Timothy Tobin, June 2021
This course provided a comprehensive review of not only the manual assessment and potential treatment techniques for the upper and lower extremity, but the overall clinical reasoning approach, which was truly beneficial. As a novice physical therapist, I have recognized that during evaluations with patients, I have the tendency to focus more on the 'checking off' a list of evaluation techniques, without taking the extra second to reason and truly react within the moment and let the patient's current presentation guide my assessment. The framework that was outlines by the Maitland faculty members was truly helpful in building my graduate coursework and fostering my own personal growth as a physical therapist.

- Marin S. Smith, June 2021
Thank you, Chris for making this an enjoyable program. I really liked the set up and look forward to more MT courses. This will be a great addition to my manual skills in addition to my McKenzie Cert and Primary Spine practitioner certification from University of Pittsburgh. Thank you for enhancing the way I look at/treat/and assess.
Carrie Grant, June 2021
Four star techniques, relevant to clinical application with patients...Highly recommended course. Can't wait for the lab skills to practice all the manual techniques!

-Matteo Vertucci April 2021
Just wanted to thank you for an excellent MT-2 course this past weekend. I have been VERY impressed with the organization of the virtual MT courses and have gotten a lot out of them already. It's clear how much thought and work went into the courses.
I look forward to continuing the MT-1 with you on Tuesday nights and I sure hope more MT courses are offered virtually.
For me personally, this learning format works really well. Sure, it's nice to not have the expense of traveling and lodging and less time away from family, but didactically I really like seeing all the assessments and techniques demonstrated up front in the virtual course, and then later having the opportunity to meet in person for the Skills Check to practice and refine the techniques...Thanks again Chris - keep up the good work!
-Drew Scrimgeour Feb. 2021
It was an honor to learn from arguably one of the best manual therapist's in the world! Chris is incredible and has a very fun personality!
-Carmen Elizabeth Osterhout Sept. 2020

The seminar was presented in the same order as the course book, which made it easy to follow along. The skills taught during the course are applicable to the patient population I treat. There were many opportunities to ask questions and discuss the skills taught. MAPS did a great job at making the most out of a remote live course. It was very easy to see the skills presented even though it was online. I appreciate the changes that were made to allow me to take a quality online course during this pandemic. I look forward to going to the in person skills checks and taking future courses through MAPS.

-April Swallow, November 2020

Critical thinking for assessment and treatment, ie: makes me think. I thought this was a great class, very informative.

-Benjamin Owen Lambert, November 2020

Really enjoyed understanding the Maitland theory and techniques. I enjoyed listening to an experienced Maitland PT and learning how to reorganize my assessment of a patient to include techniques learned in the course.

-Kelsey Mooney, April 2021

I'm glad that I will have the opportunity to practice assessments & techniques in the clinic prior to skills check class next month

-Viviana Collins, April 2021

The Remote Live courses are a great opportunity for physical therapists like myself who live outside of the US to learn Maitland's approach to OMT.  The pre course online material gives the busy healthcare professional the opportunity to learn the material in their own time.  This allows for more time to absorb the material than would typically happen on a weekend course.  The technique manual is an added bonus which I can keep with me in the clinic and refer back to as needed.

-Garth Ross Van Der Merwe, April 2021

The flexibility for home learning for the live virtual course was great.  This allows for reduced travel time, hotel expense and possible time off work for travel.  Plenty of opportunity for Q/A time at the end of each segment. I think the live virtual course is an excellent option when in-person learning is restricted due to COVID and very grateful to MAPS for thinking outside the box on how to continue to offer learning opportunities. For practical purposes, I still think the in-person courses provide the greatest instruction for direct application to patient care when returning to the clinic the following Monday.  

-Amy Abott Morris  Jan 2021

I really appreciated how thorough the curriculum was and how easy it was to understand and learn the material. Chris was also extremely knowledgeable about the topics.

-Ryan Woods Jan 2021

Convenient, can be accessed in the comfort of my house I like the virtual setup, this is learning in a comfortable environment and Chris is an excellent instructor.

-Loviejay Arguelles, November 2020

I enjoyed this course because it allowed me to learn valuable skills that will assist me in becoming a better clinician. These techniques will not only help me, but also help my patients improve their function and reach their goals. The course was great.

-Stefanie Miller, November 2020

The overall emphasis of the course on assessment and using assessment to guide treatment and the logical manner in which MAPS approaches its assessment.

- Daren Eccles, November 2020
Pre reading made it easier to have a foundation going into the course
-Delin Varghese, November 2020
Knowledgeable instructor, being taught directly by Chris S. helped improve the circumstances around having to take a remote course for a manual, hands on course. Doing the best with what we can during COVID. I will likely take MT-2 remote and then report for skill check lab for both in the future.
-O. Wolfensperger Sept. 2020
Chris was a VERY knowledgeable instructor, engaging and dynamic! It is very clear how passionate he is about the subject content. He made the ZOOM presentation of this course much more tolerable.
-A. Armington Sept. 2020
For an online course it was well done and very informative. Instructor was very clear and concise.
-Nina Ribeiro Sept. 2020
I liked that it was interactive and thought it was helpful to have pre-course requirements
-Natasha K. Sept. 2020
Instructor very knowledgeable about the subject matter.
-Dave Domenico Sept. 2020
Presenter was excellent and very knowledgeable on the subject.
-Kristen Lawrence Sept 2020