“Chris Showalter’s knowledge and experience were clearly evident. I appreciated his ability to simplify what can be quite confusing material. I also appreciated that he stresses that the beauty of the Maitland technique is only discovered when you master the evaluation and assess, assess, assess…….. This was a great review for me. I studied under a Geoff Maitland trained PT and have been using the technique (not as well as I would like) for 20 years. It was great to re-learn so many aspects of the technique that I had lost over time.”-Kevin Friesen Dec. 2020

“The teacher was knowledgeable and kept things interesting during discussion time”-K.L. Dec. 2020

“The clinical research behind the techniques.”-Kristen Lawrence Dec. 2020

I’m loving the course, I treat such a variety of patients, primarily neuro, but with my ortho/spine patients I get a lot of referrals from local physicians for dry needling. After taking MT-1, I found the additional hands on mobilizations make a big difference in getting the patient all the way to the finish line. I loved the upper and lower quadrant mobilizations from MT-1 and use them so much. So I’ve been waiting to take MT-2 to brush up on my spine mobilizations. I have used so much already and have found the recent lumbar rotation mobilizations to be huge in improving lumbar flexion and all directions of lumbar ROM. After 15 years experience it is so nice to brush up on techniques that are so applicable to every day use in the clinic. And I was pleasantly surprised how much I could learn through the videos without being in person.  Thank you for all you do with teaching.”-Amy Stefani Jan. 2021

“I most liked the instructor’s engaging delivery. He was personable and informative, and at times, humorous. Regarding content, I really appreciated the discussion of pain vs. stiffness dominant patients. I feel this will help me structure treatment sessions and evaluations in ways that will not produce negative outcomes (I.E. flaring up a pain dominant patient for the sake of collecting all relevant MMT’s)”-T.M. Dec. 2020

“I liked the “question and answer” formatting for the course because not only did it help to reinforce certain topics but it also allowed for participants to share their experiences with different manual techniques. It also helped to keep me engaged while on the computer for the remote live portion of the course.”-S.A. Dec. 2020

“Instructor was awesome, engaged all participants and clearly explained everything”-T.F. Dec. 2020

“Evidence based, knowledgeable presenter, clinically applicable.”-J.P. Dec. 2020

Great course, every PT who values manual therapy should take it. VERY useful techniques, highly backed by research, great pictures and descriptions of techniques which can be easily referenced again when I return back to the clinic, Chris Showalter is very knowledgeable, friendly, clear with information and instructions, good sense of humor, very captivating as a teacher, and I found him easy to follow along with, without zoning out.”-Taryn Soulcheck Oct. 2020

“High quality remote live course with Excellent blend of clinical knowledge, practical application toward EBP focus on progressive assessment, treatment and self reflection towards clinical decision making in treating patients. Thanks Chris I hardly felt that it was remote. Very Well presented!!!! Strongly recommended for PTs interested n learning Maitland Concepts.”-Irfan Ali Oct. 2020

“I love going to courses where there is so much material to get through that the instructors jump right into it and waste no time.  This course was just that.  No time wasted on introductions.  Instead time was spent getting through the abundant amounts of material.  The material was thoroughly presented in an organized manner and covered just about everything in the manual.  The manual is very detailed unlike other manuals I have had at courses.  I liked how it gives indications on when to use which technique.  Seems like lots of thought and practice (Chris) was put into getting this course together.  I liked the relaxed atmosphere the instructor created not having to worry about being called on or put on the spot.  Chris never did that.  I cannot learn or focus when I am anxious.  For me, it was a great environment for learning.   Chris always made sure there was no confusion before moving on.  He encouraged questions from students and thanked them for asking.  The Q and A sessions were valuable as a learning tool learning from questions asked.   The overnight sheet was helpful for learning as it makes you review the material and focus on the main Maitland concepts.  I will be taking zoom MT peripheral.”-Nghia Phan

“The format is conducive for learning a lot of material in a short amount of time.”-R.H. Dec. 2020

The thorough, meticulousness of the information provided. Dr. Showalter is very well-spoken and capable of presenting and delivering course information.”               -Nicholas Woods Dec. 2020

“Emphasis on assessment, treating the patient and their symptoms – not with a cookie cutter approach.”-David Bowden Dec. 2020

“Flexible formatting; lecture to video lab techniques.”-Ryan Campanella Dec. 2020

“The instructor is open to take all various questions and offer valuable answers based on his clinical experience with literature evidence support. The real case scenario discussion for overnight sheet which is really helpful for clinical reasoning.”-T. Chiu Dec. 2020

“Attentive detail in specification to PAM. Highly recommend to colleagues.”-Jared McEwen Dec. 2020

“Effective clinical techniques”-Andrew Mannikko Dec. 2020

“The MAPS spinal seminar was one of the best continuing education courses I have completed. All of the information and techniques taught in the course were applicable to the patient population I treat in the outpatient setting. The course material was presented in an organized manner and will be easy to use as a reference in the clinic. I look forward to completing more MAPS courses in the future. The seminar was very organized and easy to follow in the course manual. The videos of the manual techniques were very helpful since we could not do hands on labs at this time due to COVID. It was very beneficial having a live patient evaluation to apply the course material. All of the techniques and skills taught are very applicable to my PT setting and patient population.”-A.S. Oct. 2020

“This is the 2nd time I took MT2. The first time I took it was about 3 to 4 years ago. Within those 3-4 years, I was able to take additional courses (MT-1, MT-O and MT-3) and practice what I have learned. I didn’t think that I would be learning much more coming into this the 2nd time especially since it is virtual. I would like to say that I am so glad I took this course again. It is a totally different experience since I have a better understanding and experience of the Maitland concept. I would recommend taking classes more than once to help refine skills as manual therapist. I am confident that I will be able to perform my techniques more precisely since taking this course. It was a great experience. Chris did a great job explaining the Maitland concept. He took his time answering questions. The video presentations were very clearly presented and organized. I could literally follow the manual and he would be doing exactly how it was written. Overall, this is probably the most organized virtual course I have taken. Great job!”-Anne Jillian Perez Oct. 2020

The complete manner in which it the course was presented. The instructor is excellent at presenting the information in a concise, detailed, understandable and interesting manner.”-K. Moeckel Oct. 2020

“Very eye opening, easy to follow and understand, will be very applicable to practice. Chris was great, looking forward to the hands on skills lab and applying all to my practice.” -D.G. Oct. 2020

“I liked the format of learning materials, clear descriptions and pictures. The instructor was dynamic and engaging, and very knowledgeable. I enjoyed watching the lectures then being able to interact with the instructor over Zoom.”-K.J. Oct. 2020

“No travel and ability to wake up from my home and take a very practical and easy to implement course. Course was excellent clinical instructor provided excellent dialog between clinicians. What a great way to take a course sitting at your own home saving you hours of travel and other expenses.”-Drew Kenton Randolph Oct. 2020

“I appreciate that the MAPs seminar is dedicated to staying up to date on the latest research, which includes acknowledging the existence of conflicting theories of biomechanical knowledge. As such, the MAPs seminar focuses on patient centered care: looking for the “comparable sign” which most reproduces the patient’s symptoms and treating from that perspective. This keeps the focus on patient outcomes instead of strict adherence to a treatment formula. Along this vein, I also really appreciated MAPs taking the time to discuss pain neuroscience and the role of manual therapy in decreasing kinesiophobia as one of the essential steps towards empowering the patient to achieve independence. This is essential in patient centered care: we are always treating the brain, not just “tissue issues”! I loved the lab manual (pictures are very clear), group discussions (including Chris making it feel like a comfortable environment and “no stupid questions”), and video demonstrations.”-J.L. Oct. 2020

“I liked that the emphasis on assessment of the patient and I like the way the information is organized. It gives us the tools to try and figure out the most efficient way to treat our patients.”-Sejal Doshi Oct. 2020

“The information was laid out in a very logical and informative manner. The instructor was very knowledgeable and was able to keep me engaged despite the 100% virtual formatting.”-M.E. Oct. 2020

“I liked the way it was formatted, I enjoyed that there were videos to watch techniques with explanations and also the live question/discussion part which were thought provoking discussions.”-E.G. Oct. 2020

“I liked that Chris was engaging during the discussions. I also liked the thoroughness of the videos demonstrating the techniques because we weren’t able to see them in person.”-J.H. Oct. 2020

“I felt Chris was very knowledgeable and answered all questions”-Lisa D., Sept 2020

“The information was clear and organized and went at a good pace. The instructor was engaged throughout and encouraged questions. I am excited to return to clinic to apply what I learned this weekend and to practice the Maitland approach!”-Catherine Sandoval, Sept 2020

“I took my first MAPS virtual course and it was pretty great. The information was very detailed, the videos were presented very clearly and the instructor, Chris, was able to answer all my questions. Although I wasn’t in person to practice my skills it was definitely an easier environment being able to sit right in my own home. I would definitely take another virtual course with MAPS.”-Jennifer Stoner, Sept 2020

“What I liked most was video of patient treatments.”-Kristen Rose Hayden Hebert, Sept 2020