MT-2 FULL COURSE: 38.7 Hours; 3.9 CEUs
MT-2 PRE-COURSE Only: 9.6 Hours; 1.0 CEUs
MT-2 LIVE-COURSE Only: 23.4 Hours; 2.3 CEUs
MT-2 REMOTE LIVE 27.3 Hours; 2.7 CEUs

Recommended second course in the MAPS series. An evidence-based introduction to the Maitland-Australian approach to orthopedic manual therapy (OMT), focusing on effective assessment and treatment of neuromusculoskeletal disorders of the Spine.

MAPS gives two options for the MT-2: Essential Spinal Seminar:
1) Take the MT-2 FULL COURSE on a specific date and location.  This option is effectively the Online Pre-Course and the Live Course (the hands-on instructional seminar) all in one.  Seats are limited and may fill well in advance of the course date. or

2) Take the online MT-2 PRE-COURSE first, and then the MT-2 LIVE COURSE at a later date, sometime over the next 18 months.  Earn CEUs in advance of the live course date and spread out the full course fees into two payments.  Participation in an MT-2 LIVE COURSE will require proof of completion of MT-2: PRE-COURSEAlthough you have 18 months to register for a specific MT-2 Live Course, we recommend registering early for the course date and location of your choice to ensure your seat.

3) MT-2 REMOTE LIVE (Remote Learning Option).  This option is the Remote Learning version of the MT-2 FULL COURSE, covering all the same topics and manual therapy techniques.  MT-2 REMOTE LIVE does not include the individually supervised laboratory with instructor feedback which is a component of the MT-2 FULL COURSE or the LIVE COURSE Only (in-person) versions of MT-2.  MT-2 REMOTE LIVE may be supplemented with the MT-2 SKILLS CHECK LABORATORY at a later date.  MT-2 REMOTE LIVE participants who want to advance to MT-4: Differential Assessment/Clinical Reasoning or sit for the COMT Exams would be required to also complete the MT-2 SKILLS CHECK LABORATORY.