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“Burnout”, is defined as an occupational and psychological syndrome characterized by physical and mental exhaustion caused by one’s professional life.  We are sad, but not surprised, to report new research indicating that a large percentage of physical therapists (between 44-53%) suffer from burnout.(1)

This month’s commentary focuses on a September 2023 paper entitled, Mentorship and self-efficacy are associated with lower burnout in physical therapists in the United States: a cross-sectional survey study” which studies the relationship between burnout, education, mentorship, and self-efficacy in a cross-sectional survey of 2,813 US Physical Therapists.  The entire open access paper below is available at the end of this Commentary as a PDF. 

The real question is whether education, mentorship, and/or self-efficacy (self-confidence/empowerment), have any impact on burnout.  It may seem counterintuitive, but…Log-into your account HERE OR click here for your FREE Subscription!

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