M. Sutcliffe Jr

Very detailed and appropriate demonstration and explanation of techniques and reasoning behind them. Very grateful for [course instructor] Michael Gray and our host Belinda McDonnel.

Lindsay Chalmers

The instructor [and course] were great! So nice to learn NEW manual techniques and how they are to be appropriately applied. I look forward to taking more MAPS courses.

J. Rosinski

Learning to step away from the hard and solid biomechanical model and learning to be more patient centered with focusing more on patient communication and treatment output.

S. Iyer

Instructors were very skilled. They were both very patient and were able to assist with techniques and answer questions on techniques and rationale quite thoroughly. As my first manual therapy…

S. Sears

The seminar gave me an opportunity to better organize my thoughts during a spinal examination of my patient’s. It gives me a framework to work through that will make my…

A. Hutson

The instructor and assistant were excellent and knowledgeable. They were engaging, positive, and encouraging. They were able to explain the information and techniques and relate them to daily clinical practice.

Cole Tomlinson

The hands-on lab portion of the seminar with feedback from instructors and other clinicians. The ability to interact with the speaker and discuss clinical topics as related to techniques taught…

Sara Lindauer

The pre-course materials felt like an appropriate amount for someone to complete while also working full time. The instructors of the course and the lab assistant were very knowledgeable and…