Aaron Anderson

Dynamic setting, most of the theory and evidence was presented in the pre-course materials making it possible to dive deeper into the techniques. The presenter was extremely knowledgeable and willing…

J. Hoffman

I really enjoyed the course and will be implementing the new techniques in my patient sessions whenever I can. I am looking forward to taking additional MAPS courses!

Bryan Regar

Marrow was an excellent instructor. He adapted well to the demands and learning styles of the class. The patient demonstrations were quite helpful to show clinical theory put into practice.

Michael A. Lusk

I loved the detail on age related changes! I feel the course definitely challenged my thought process on applying the physiological changes while applying the appropriate Techniques to enhance functional…

John Pearson

The Clinical Reasoning approach to CGH, CGD, Vestibular, TMJ, and Concussion was a good foundation to begin effectively treating these types of patients. I have taken many MAPs courses over…